Monday, June 29, 2009

1979-07-06 Reconstruction

Here is some Jerry to start the week off right. I have more that I will post here already uploaded!!! If you go to Lost Sailor Pub ( there is more Jerry downloads that I have posted there and others as well. Not to mention the great conversation with fellow deadheads.

1979-07-06 Reconstruction
Disc One (7) 64:11
1. What You Won't Do For Love [6:35] [0:21]
2. Make It Better [6:42] [0:31]
3. Someday Baby [9:23] [0:26]
4. Long Train Running Instrumental [15:34] [0:10]
5. The Jealous Kind [4:17] [0:41]
6. Tellin' My Friends [4:40] [0:48]
7. A Lovely Night For Dancing [13:35] [0:16]

Disc Two (6) 53:15
1. Crowd & Tuning [0:05]
2. Strugglin' Man [6:14] [0:20]
3. I Just Want To Stop [4:35] [0:14]
4. I'll Take A Melody [11:14] [0:25]
5. Fast Tone [19:48] ->
6. Dear Prudence [9:48] [0:30]


  1. By the way, love Arrested Development. I have a Franklin Comes Alive Shirt. I downloaded the 4/23/79 from your mediafire files, but track 3 is corrupt. Any chance of a repost?

    Also, did you know there is a shirt with the GD.Godfather logo?

  2. There are actually a bunch of corrupt tracks on the Reconstruction shows.

  3. Thanks for letting me know. Is it through out all of the Reconstruction shows or is it just one show. I will be posting a replacement track tomorrow when I get out of work. I apologize for the corrupt files.

  4. I know the early show of the 4/21/82 is missing the Track 6 Simple Twist and the Old Waldorf 5/19 is missing the last few tracks. I will check. By Missing i mean corrupt

  5. 5/18/79 Track 8 and 9 are corrput.

  6. I think also a lot of tracks are mislabeled. You have a whole CD that comes up as 4/28/79 Palo Alto from the Old Wardorf May shows in there.

  7. Hmm that is weird about the whole CD. I wouldn't be surprised if I just put the wrong disc up. Either way I will re upload them for you.

  8. 3/30/79 Track 14 as well is corrupt